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About Wind Energy

About us

Meventus is an international company with offices in Norway, Denmark and Sweden specializing in wind measurement, wind & site and asset management. We are currently delivering services to projects all over Europe.

Meventus understands the challenges facing owners and is committed to deliver the highest quality of services to help optimzing the project, both technologically and economically.

Meventus takes advantage of its combination of high academic level and hands-on experience within the wind power industry. We have performed a range of tests and benchmarking in order to equip ourselves with the best tools to be used in our services. We have installed and operate over 50 wind measurement masts and currently have 3 lidars in operation. Meventus also delivers asset management services to wind power plants in Norway.

Our strong financial position makes us capable to provide wind measurement data collected by masts up to 140m or lidars in a fixed cost program so that the customers do not have to procure measurement equipment only to be used for a limited period of time.

Thorough testing over a periods of several years across many projects Meventus's W&S analysts have become experts on complex terrain. Our Wind & Site services include screening of projects, design of measurement campaigns, wind resource assessments, production estimates, risk assessment, layout optimization, climate reports, due diligence and related advisory services.


Asset Management constitutes the core owner strategy ensuring the optimal return on the investment, ROI. Meventus delivers a life cycle service fitting the need each owner must have. These services are offered as complete packages or as partial services according to the customer's needs. Long operational experience from parks within asset management and operation ensures Meventus can meet the highest level of expectations within our full range of services.

Areas of expert services within Asset Management include contract negotiations, baseline analysis, end of warranty planning, performance verification of the project, life cycle budgeting and comprehensive report services enabling the owner to be in the driver seat of the return of investment.

Meventus - where academics and experience comes together in one team!