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Project Design

Using our internally developed ParkDesign software, we maximize project profitability by selecting the optimal project size, turbine positioning and turbine type. Our optimized layouts take into consideration the IEC standards, reducing the risk of operation and maintenance problems,

Production estimates

We produce bankable energy production estimates for any site. Our goal is to provide unbiased production estimates with the lowest possible uncertainty. We achieve this by using the best available CFD tools, measurements, climatological data and methods.

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as well as facilitating turbine manufacturer approval of the layouts. We can also calculate noise levels to ensure the optimized layout does not violate local noise restrictions.

Investment analysis and risk assessment

Why invest in a large wind farm when a smaller farm can provide the same NPV and a much higher NPV to investment ratio? By performing detailed techno-economic optimization of your wind farm layout, we can reduce project risk by 30 - 50%, without compromising returns.