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Remote Sensing

Installation and Measurement

We design and provide complete remote sensing measurement campaign, including installation, power supply, data analysis and retrieval either as a stand alone system or integrated with an existing measurement mast campaign. We have planned and executed remote sensing campaigns throughout some of harshest conditions

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the Nordic climate has to offer using equipment from the current industry-leading manufacturers, including


Meventus is a member of ZephIR’s Trusted Service Providers, as well as Leosphere’s WINDCUBE Expert Program


Meventus conducted a remote sensing ‘blind test’ at a complex site in southern Norway in early 2012 where we tested lidars from 3 leading manufacturers, CFD correction methods and results from independent consultants to gain

experience and competence in deploying remote sensing systems in complex terrain. Participants included Leosphere, Zephir Limited, Sgurr Energy, Natural Power and Deutsche Wind Guard. The results were presented at EWEC 2013.

See publication here: Uncertainty of Lidar in Complex Terrain