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Big Data Quality Assurance

Depending on the age and type of your turbine, using and interpreting the SCADA data from an operating wind farm can range from challenging to very difficult, even for a simple assessment.

Data is generally stored in dozens of separate files, or in a relational database that requires a great deal of post-processing to get the data into a useful format.

Meventus has years of experience preparing, processing and combining SCADA data with local mast measurements, reference data, and other relevant data sets for use in park performance analyses.

We can take any data set, extract the useful information and combine it with the necessary description to prepare it for investigation of any desired parameter, in whatever format is requested.

Example Script for SCADA Data Processing
Example of script for post processing of SCADA data for further analysis. Ten-minute data is combined with event lists and error codes to produce a data set that can be tailored for any specific analysis or application, including machine learning algorithms.

In addition to producing combined data in useful formats, we also provide Quality Assurance (QA).  This is one of the most critical, and challenging steps in any analysis.

This includes fixing some of the following most common data quality issues:

  • Ensuring all data is recorded in consistent time zones (especially for summer/winter time changes)
  • Correcting for nacelle position drift for all turbines (see figure below)
Example data needing adjustment prior to analysis
Example of drift in Turbine nacelle position (yaw) that requires adjustment/correction prior to analysis.

Starting analysis with a quality baseline set is the most critical step in enabling full understanding of the performance of your project, and to ultimately find conclusive and actionable results.

There is no need to feel overwhelmed by your SCADA data!  Let Meventus help you interpret and analyze your data to answer all the questions you have about your project.

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