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Wind farm construction management and expertise

Our experts assist wind farm developers reach Commercial Operation Date (COD) within time and cost, and with minimal impact to Heath, Safety and Environment


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Construction Management

Meventus is the right partner for wind farm developers entering into the Construction Phase.

With Meventus offices located throughout the Scandinavian countries we can provide you with easy access to qualified local staff. Our detailed knowledge of the project development activities provides us with valuable expertise during the construction phase. Change order management and deviations are handled efficiently by our experts, with detailed knowledge of how to maximize the potential in each project.

After performing 3000 MW of WTG procurement, we know the turbine manufacturers (OEM) in detail. We can ensure that the turbines are delivered in accordance with contract conditions, and in the technical state that they should be.

Construction Supervision Tellenes Norway

Our expertise in project development provides you with the required link between pre-construction and operation.

In cases where deviations occur in the construction process, we will ensure the owners interests are always first priority, ensuring that the impact on operation and project value is minimized.

Meventus’ focus on the wind technical part of construction management does not constrain us from providing valuable electrical and civil works services. By using Meventus as a one-stop-shop, we ensure that the best experts are available for your project. By requesting a quote from us, we ensure that you receive the required services at the best possible price.

Our knowledge of the concession authorities and process in the Scandinavian countries provides us with an excellent starting point maintaining permit requirements as well as Health, Safety and Environmental monitoring during the construction phase.

Through our involvement in wind project development in developing countries, we are familiar with the Equator Principles, and can provide the required Environmental and Social monitoring required by some investors.

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