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Electrical power wherever and whenever
you need it!

An efficient and reliable Meventus power supply can provide the power you need for your remote and arctic equipment and measurement systems.

Meventus hybrid power systems in multiple applications

Plug and Play Solutions

Autonomous Operation

Remote Monitoring & Control

Extended Lifetime


Hybrid Power Systems

Meventus Hybrid Power systems provide a wide range of solutions to fit any remote power needs. Available in both AC and DC outputs, they are perfect for powering any remote structures/buildings, measurement devices, or heating systems in arctic conditions.

Our rugged, proven design works in any climate, with all configurations based on the same concept – power stored by a large battery bank, charged by solar energy with a generator backup.  Under normal conditions, solar power is enough to meet the powering needs.  Depending on the configuration, either a fuel cell or diesel generator will provide the backup charging during periods of little sunlight.

While the systems are custom configurable, we generally package them as a power supply trailer when mobility and flexibility are desired, or in a shipping container or small box crate for more stationary applications.

Meventus Power Supplies

All systems are easy to install – only two people with minimal tools required – and enjoy the same advantages:

  • Plug and play solution

    Minimal setup required before they are ready for use

  • Autonomous operation

    Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) regulates operations

  • Remote monitoring and control

    Easy web interface to monitor, regulate and update operations, saving time and travel costs

  • Configurable alarms

    Receive SMS or email notifications for faults or alarms

  • Extended lifetime

    High quality generators and industrial deep cycle gel batteries suitable for years of operation

  • Operating environment

    Suitable for operation down to -40° C

Our trailer configurations are perfect for small to medium devices that will be moved often, such as a wind lidar.  We recommend the Fuelcell version for low continuous consumption applications (up to 250 W), and the Diesel generator version for medium continuous consumption applications (250 to 500 W).  For wind lidar applications, we provide a roof window suitable for your type of system (WINDCUBE, ZephIR, or any other device).

Our stationary configurations are intended for fixed site power requirements, such as a measurement mast with sensor heating requirements, cabin, or any remote site with off-grid power requirements. We recommend the Fuelcell version for low continuous consumption applications (such as a wind lidar) and the Shipping container version for medium to high continuous consumption applications (500 to 1500 W).

Electrical power wherever and whenever you need it!

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