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Meventus is a renewable energy consultant and service company with offices in Norway and Sweden delivering services spanning the entire wind power project life cycle to customers throughout Europe and beyond. With extensive experience in complex terrain and cold climate, no project is too challenging for us.

Our flexible and diverse staff includes analysts, meteorologists and management consultants, making us one of few companies that provide professional services addressing both technical and commercial aspects of a wind power project.  We understand the challenges facing owners and are committed to deliver high quality services to optimize your project, both technically and economically.

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28004 MW Wind Projects Analyzed
159 Wind Project CFD Analyses
3832 MW Turbine, O&M Agreements Procured
4684 MW Due Diligence Executed
80 Masts Installed
40 Lidars Installed

Meventus – Turning technical challenges into commercial success for over 10 years

Meet our Team

These are some of our talented team members, who will be happy to help you on your next wind project.
Meventus Seed Orange

Kyle Brennan

Senior Analyst, Managing Director

Thilo Langfeldt

Head of Business Development Wind Power

Terje Sellevåg

HSE & Logistics Manager

Anne Haaland Simonsen

Senior Analyst, Wind and Site

Morten Rosen

Renewable Energy Consultant

Vaibhav Bhutoria

Renewable Energy Consultant

Marit Stokke

Renewable Energy Consultant

Our service portfolio covers all commercial and technical aspects of a wind farm life-cycle, spanning from wind measurements to life-time Operations and Maintenance strategies

Company Timeline

Meventus Seed Orange

In 2020, Meventus focuses on Consulting Services

After a strategic decision to focus solely on Consultancy, Meventus sold our Wind Measurement and Power Supply department – performed through our Danish daughter company Meventus ApS – to Scanmatic AS.  The Meventus staff in Norway and Sweden will continue providing high quality consulting and advising services to our international customer base.
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In 2019, Meventus begins providing annual production index assessment for Norway

Meventus won the four-year contract with the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (Norges vassdrags- og energidirektorat (NVE)) to provide an annual report of wind speed and production index levels for all 40 operational Norwegian wind farms.
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In 2018, We delivered our 70th Hybrid Power Supply

Meventus delivered our 70th Hybrid Power Supply for powering and heating a measurement mast in northern Sweden.
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In 2016, Meventus increased Wind Turbine procurement competence

Thilo Langfeldt joins the team, contributing to the increase of Meventus experience in negotiating TSA and O&M contracts to over  3,000 MW
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In 2016, Meventus surpassed 10,000 MW of wind power projects assessed in the Nordics

Meventus has become one of the most experienced consultants focusing only on wind energy by analyzing over 10,000 MW of projects in Norway, Sweden, Finland and other countries.
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In 2015, Our consolidated revenues exceeded €4 million.

With a large demand for measurements and analysis in the Nordic region, Meventus increased in size by employing several Project managers and exceeded €4 millions in consolidated Revenues for the first time.
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In 2015, 70th measurement mast installed

We installed our 70th measurement mast and added Finland to our countries with measurements installations, along with Norway, Sweden, Germany and Austria.
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In 2015, Meventus installed tallest wind measurement mast in Scandinavia

Meventus installs a 180m mast at Hornamossen in Sweden breaking the height record for tallest mast specifically for wind power in Scandinavia.  The research mast was equipped with over 30 sensors and powered by a Meventus Hybrid Power supply.
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In 2014, Meventus opened office in Sweden

To meet the demand within the Swedish market, Meventus opened an office at in central Stockholm.
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In 2012, Meventus ApS, Denmark acquired

The Danish wind measurement service provider Meventus ApS was acquired by what is now known as Meventus AS,  to form the basis of the company as it is today.
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In 2011, Meventus became an independent company

The Agder Energi Wind Power division was reorganized and made an independent company owned by Agder Energy Venture.
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In 2008, Agder Energi and Statkraft partnered

After this partnership, the Agder Energi Wind Power division became the sole provider of measurements and Wind and Site services for the SAE Vind common portfolio
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It all started in 2005

Meventus originated as the Wind Power division of Agder Energi, Norway’s third largest electrical utility, where it provided wind measurement and Wind and Site analysis services for all of Agder Energi’s wind projects.
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