Wind Power in Forest – the Effects of Clearings



The wind flow over forested terrain is characterized by a slowdown in wind speeds, higher wind shear and increased turbulence. High wind shear and turbulence are factors that increase fatigue loads on turbines, and most turbines today are not designed for these loads. This leads to higher maintenance costs and a decrease in overall life time. In this project we will investigate how forest clearings impact the wind conditions in a wind farm. We will also investigate how key-hole cuts made when erecting a turbine in deep forest can be arranged most efficiently.

The aim is to learn more about the effects of clearing forest around a wind turbine to increase production and minimize loads. The study will cover both the effect of large clearings and provide recommendations for dimensioning of the key-hole cuts that are required when erecting a wind turbine in deep forest.

The target is to (1) evaluate the viability of a scanning LIDAR and advanced CFD modelling as a tool box for analyzing the effect of forest clearing wind turbines and (2) provide recommendations on how and when to clear forest around wind farms and wind turbines.

Other project participants:
Chalmers University of Technology
Stena Renewable AB