Ice and Wind Load Assessment on Structures

Dimension your structures properly in arctic and high wind regions!

Meventus can help you find site specific estimates on wind and ice loads for your measurement masts, power lines, bridges or other structures

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Ice and Wind Load Assessment on Structures

The number of wind farms and construction of other structures at remote sites with high winds and cold climate are growing. Unfortunately, it is not an unusual phenomenon that under-dimensioned measurement masts or other structures in these areas collapse because of unexpectedly high wind or ice loads.

A more detailed load study can help you find the right dimensions of your structure and thus minimize costs and risks of failure in harsher environments.

Example of ice accumulation on a wind measurement mast
Example of ice accumulation on a wind measurement mast

The standard Eurocode planning guideline (Eurocode 1: Actions on Structures (EN 1991)) are sufficient in most cases.  But in regions where harsh climates are expected, these estimates are improved by basing the results on actual local measurements and/or high quality models to capture your specific site conditions.

Meventus can help you estimate accurate wind and ice loading for your structure to ensure that it is properly dimensioned.

Advance Lidar and Mast Sign

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy by choosing Meventus:

  • Large database of available measurements

    As an active measurement and analysis provider, we have access to over 15 years of high quality wind measurements throughout the Nordic region that can be leveraged for nearly all regions under development.

  • One-stop shop

    For projects with long planning horizons and a great need for accurate assessments, Meventus is capable of planning, installing and executing effective measurement campaigns to ensure the highest quality assessment possible.

  • Advanced measurements

    Some areas are hard to measure in, such as measuring wind loading on planned bridge crossing. We are experienced with scanning lidars to measure wind conditions several kilometers away from the measurement point.

  • Experience

    Our analysts have extensive experience working with wind and ice measurements, models and providing load calculations that will help you get the best estimate for your site.

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