Layout Optimization

Wind and Site Analysis

Summary of results

Changes in production and wind load parameters after Meventus performed wind farm layout optimization

Layout optimization with 3% production increase

Situation and objective

  • A first tier wind turbine manufacturer (OEM) was identified as preferred supplier during a WTG procurement process for a Norwegian wind project under development (>100 MW)
  • The OEM provided an optimized layout for the wind farm, but failed to comply with layout requirements:
    • Project specific exclusions areas
    • Noise emission levels
    • Road access deemed impossible by road engineer


  • Using our internally developed methods and tools, Meventus provided an alternative layout for the wind project
  • The objective was to increase wind farm production while keeping infrastructure costs to a minimum
  • The work was done in close collaboration with road engineers to ensure viability of layout
  • Optimization was performed to consider road viability as well as noise and shadow flicker, ice throw risk and other permit requirements.

Results and benefits

  • Meventus proposed a layout that gave:
    • 3% increase in expected Annual Energy Production
    • Reduction in all wind load parameters, providing reduced mechanical loading and lower OPEX
  • The layout was approved by the OEM’s load calculations as well as governmental approval
  • No changes in viability and cost for infrastructure