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Asset Management

We believe Asset Management (AM) is all about transforming the owner’s interests and objectives into an unbiased, customized and effective system to manage the wind farm both operationally and strategically. What does that mean?

  • Objectives

    Objectives differ from owner to owner. A regional utility company with an obligation to provide affordable electricity need a different approach compared to a financial investor whose main objective is to secure stable future cash flows. A good AM system is customized to fulfil these objectives with the right operational strategy.

  • Unbiased

    Unbiased means that Meventus acts independently from turbine OEM or service providers, with the only interest to achieve the owner’s objectives with the best possible setup.


  • Customized

    Customized means that Meventus is flexible to adopt our AM package to the owner’s operational strategy and existing contract structure. In case we jointly conclude that the current contract(or) setup does not reflect the owner’s strategy, we help you to re-negotiate contracts to achieve the best possible setup.

  • Effective

    Effective means that we provide the expertise to structure control- and management procedures using the right key performance indicators that create incentives for all sub-contractors to strive towards the same objectives. The earlier the owner involves Meventus, the better we can support to establish effective procedure.

Asset Management Packages by Meventus (example)
Asset Management Packages by Meventus (example)

Our Basic AM Package is most suitable for owners who signed a long term full service agreement with a turbine OEM. Don’t think that with a full service agreement you can leave everything to the turbine supplier! You will quickly realize that the turbine OEM has little interest to optimize performance and no obligation to e.g. service your blades properly.

Strengths & weaknesses for different types of service providers
Strengths & weaknesses for different types of service providers

The Advanced AM Package also includes daily operations of the wind farm. Beyond following up performance of the contractors, we will also analyse turbine performances and suggest/conduct suitable improvement measures (see also our product Wind Farm Performance Improvement). Meventus will leverage extensive expertise from contract negotiations for some 2000 MW to re-negotiate service contracts.

Owners who strive after the lowest possible O&M life cycle cost should consider the “hybrid” approach. It combines services from selected independent service providers (ISP), advanced services from the turbine OEM and in-house services for simpler tasks coordinated by Meventus. Market studies show that the hybrid approach can lead to 40% lower O&M life cycle cost and better performance. Meventus offers this Full Scope AM Package for certain turbine types and for owners who are willing to accept fluctuating annual cash-flows.

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